Sunday, 11 February 2018

Ingalba Nature Reserve between Temora and Ariah Park

A walk this morning in the Ingalba Nature Reserve located about 10 kms along the Burley Griffin Highway between Temora and the township of Ariah Park.

It is a lovely reserve of regrowth forest still showing the scars of fence post logging activity from generations ago. I traveled in on the management track from the Temora side entrance for a couple of kilometres and noticed the variations in vegetation as I moved along.

Evidence of past logging use was evident along the way.. discarded tins and old logo embossed bottles were found in a few locations all showing the ravages of the elements over time.

Traveling back out I was surprised to notice a group of grass trees clumped in the one area.

All up a very interesting place. I'll definately back to explore further.

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