Wednesday, 14 February 2018

The Boginderra Homestead Ruins

Another trip today out past Trungley Hall to find the entrance to the Boginderra NatureReserve and it's old ruined homestead. I downloaded an offline google map which I had cross referenced with the NSW National Parks plan of management map and discovered the little used entrance track.

The old homestead is a short distance up the track and this is where vehical access stops. An indistinct track goes further but it appears to be totally overgrown and blocked by regrowth vegetation.

The management plan describes the derelict remnant homestead thus:

"Boginderra Hills Nature Reserve was acquired by the NSW NPWS in 1982 from Mrs P.J. Guest. Prior to acquisition, the property was called ‘Hillview’. The only developments on the land are in the northern corner and include a weatherboard homestead probably dating to the 1930s, a number of sheds, a small orchard, a dam, and stock yards.

The structures, including the house, are not unusual for the area and have minimal historic significance. At the time of acquisition the buildings were described as being in poor condition, though useable. However, subsequent deterioration has rendered all the structures derelict.

The homestead is missing most of its roofing iron and flooring, the windows have been smashed and anything of value has been removed. The sheds are constructed of corrugated iron nailed to a pine frame and are near collapse."

When I was negotiating the indistinct track leading from the homestead to the hills I saw two very dark coloured Eastern grey kangaroos who bounded off at haste before I could get a photograph. I plan on returning for a bushwalk up to the higher ground when the weather cools.

The reserve is totally undeveloped and access is by foot only.. there are no amenities and it seems to be a wilderness. An bush oasis in the agricultural landscape.

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