Sunday, 11 February 2018

The West Wyalong Yowie

I'm interested in a report from the 18th of January 2012 of an alleged Yowie attack at the Back Creek State Forest off the Newell Highway near West Wyalong NSW.

The report is from a fellow named Paul Mcleod and his then fiance when they stopped at a rest area near the forest whilst travelling at night. He reports being struck on the foot by a thrown peice of discarded metal and of being pushed over. He had a camera at the time with a powerful flash but the two images captured are indistinct as he inadvertently had the zoom set at full at the time.

One image appears to show a large figure in the darkness and the other appears to be a closup with a possible orbital socket and an eyeball.

These are screen captures from his video recording the injuries which shows an injured foot which Paul said broke and separated the metatarsals:

And what appears to be a series of large scratches down his torso:

Paul has produced several videos attempting to explain his encounter and I list them here:

The West Wyalong Yowie 2015

The West Wyalong Yowie Recovered Images.

Yowie footage for researchers examination.

The attack injuries.

I don't know what to make of his claims but as I am only 60 kilometers from the forest I plan to visit the area soon to take a look.

I'll make a day trip shortly and I have arranged in the future for a friend to accompany me one night. Could be interesting. We'll see.

Paul has a youtube channel now called Global Monster and is quite a prolific poster of his Yowie Research since his encounter.

To be continued..

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