Sunday, 11 February 2018

Wild Xanthorrhoea glauca - Grass Trees near Temora NSW

I was surprised on my visit to Ingalba Nature Reserve, near Temora in New South Wales, to notice a small group of what I suspect were Xanthorrhoea glauca or Grass Trees. They were located about a kilometer into the reserve from the Temora end entrance just off the management track.

I had travelled a couple of kilometers along the track before turning around and didn't see any others apart from the dozen noticed on the trip out. Thought it might be worth recording.

The West Wyalong Yowie

I'm interested in a report from the 18th of January 2012 of an alleged Yowie attack at the Back Creek State Forest off the Newell Highway near West Wyalong NSW.

The report is from a fellow named Paul Mcleod and his then fiance when they stopped at a rest area near the forest whilst travelling at night. He reports being struck on the foot by a thrown peice of discarded metal and of being pushed over. He had a camera at the time with a powerful flash but the two images captured are indistinct as he inadvertently had the zoom set at full at the time.

One image appears to show a large figure in the darkness and the other appears to be a closup with a possible orbital socket and an eyeball.

These are screen captures from his video recording the injuries which shows an injured foot which Paul said broke and separated the metatarsals:

And what appears to be a series of large scratches down his torso:

Paul has produced several videos attempting to explain his encounter and I list them here:

The West Wyalong Yowie 2015

The West Wyalong Yowie Recovered Images.

Yowie footage for researchers examination.

The attack injuries.

I don't know what to make of his claims but as I am only 60 kilometers from the forest I plan to visit the area soon to take a look.

I'll make a day trip shortly and I have arranged in the future for a friend to accompany me one night. Could be interesting. We'll see.

Paul has a youtube channel now called Global Monster and is quite a prolific poster of his Yowie Research since his encounter.

To be continued..

Ingalba Nature Reserve between Temora and Ariah Park

A walk this morning in the Ingalba Nature Reserve located about 10 kms along the Burley Griffin Highway between Temora and the township of Ariah Park.

It is a lovely reserve of regrowth forest still showing the scars of fence post logging activity from generations ago. I traveled in on the management track from the Temora side entrance for a couple of kilometres and noticed the variations in vegetation as I moved along.

Evidence of past logging use was evident along the way.. discarded tins and old logo embossed bottles were found in a few locations all showing the ravages of the elements over time.

Traveling back out I was surprised to notice a group of grass trees clumped in the one area.

All up a very interesting place. I'll definately back to explore further.

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