Monday, 12 February 2018

Pucawan Nature Reserve

A trip this afternoon to the Pucawan Nature Reserve near Temora. You get there via the Burley Griffin Way travelling from Temora towards Ariah Park and turning left onto Tara-Betric Road just past the Ingalba Nature Reserve and continuing on for about 5 kilometers.

The reserve doesn't seem to be visited very often if the tracks are anything to go by and there is a lot less evidence of past fence post logging as there is in the neighbouring reserves of Ingalba and Big Bush.

All up a very pretty area although very dry when I visited. It didn't look like it had seen much precipitation in a while. One of the access tracks I drove on seemed to disappear from lack of use. I definately want to visit again to explore further. The birdlife seemed very active although none presented well enough to photograph.

Wombeyan Caves Wonderland

A weekend spent with friends camped down at the wonderful bush oasis of Wombeyan Caves in New South Wales. A delight of a place for wildlife...