Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Trungley Hall Cemetery

On my way back from my failed look for the Boginderra Homestead ruins I called in to see probably the neatest old country cemetery I have ever seen. The Trungley Hall Cemetery.

The grass was freshly mown with headstones dating, as far as I could ascertain, from 1899 to recent times. Located a short way from Trungley Hall on the Temora side on Trungley Road.

Trip to discover the Boginderra Homestead

A trip today to find the Boginderra Homestead located at the base of the Boginderra Nature Reserve in the Nurumburra Hills near Trungley Hall just out of Temora NSW.

The direction to the homestead were vague suggesting a turn to the right after Trungley Hall on a road listed on the NSW National Parks plan of management for the Boginderra Hills Reefton - Grogan Road. 

This appears not to be the case and the road has apparently been renamed the Boginderra Road since the publication of the document map. I travelled along the road for a couple of kilometres before finding a right hand turn with no signage, that appeared to be close to the hills treeline,among a sea of cleared agricultural land, only to discover a fenced dead end with a couple of gates and a very old 'no trespassing' sign that left me wondering if I was indeed on the right track.

The Hills of Boginderra were only a short distance away but I decided to go home and research the location again before returning another day.

Nice drive though..

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